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  National Health health committee: the complete elimination of rural health care institutions and personnel "blank spots" before the end of this year Xinmin Evening News Xinmin] this morning, the National Health health committee held a press conference to release "basically solved the poor health guaranteed work program of outstanding issues", the state health committee Poverty Alleviation Office, Finance Secretary, He Jinguo review progress in helping the poor health , poverty caused by the conduct of the case, said in recent years, poverty-stricken areas of medical and health institutions service capabilities improved significantly, poor patients receive timely medical treatment and significantly reduce the burden of medical costs, there are already 6.7 million impoverished by returning to poverty poor households out of poverty."While helping the poor health has made some achievements, but in the basic health and secure the realization of the poor have a place to see a doctor, there is a doctor and so on, there is lack of medical and health institutions lack the doctor a few areas, some institutions housing facilities and other infrastructure did not meet some other outstanding issues need to be addressed."He Jinguo said that the state health committee Health together with relevant departments recently issued a" work program "to guide the country adhere to objective standards, strengthen policy measures, a comprehensive solution to the outstanding issues guaranteed basic health care.It is reported that "work program" includes three aspects: First, clear the guaranteed basic medical standards and requirements.Basic health care is guaranteed mainly refers to all the poor into the system within the coverage of basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance and medical assistance, etc., common and chronic diseases access to timely diagnosis and treatment in 县乡村三级 medical and health institutions, had serious illness, serious illness after basic life guaranteed.Combined with the actual "work program" to further refine the work guidelines, guidance around doing the job well.Second, it proposed three main direction to solve the basic problem of outstanding guaranteed health care.First, to strengthen the capacity building of the County Hospital.The eligible poor county level hospitals all included in the scope of engineering support universal coverage health.Increase the "tour" type assistance, and strengthen the local disease spectrum of clinical specialties for.Promote telemedicine, remote county hospitals in poor counties to achieve full coverage of medical.Second, to promote the construction of "one county, one village" mechanism.Directed by medical students to train a number of rural orders free, "employed by county County township with" general practitioners and plans to hire a number of special post and select from a number of county hospitals, etc., to solve the problem of township hospitals without qualified doctors.By "rural village with recruits" from hospitals to send doctors to carry out itinerant village health or station, etc., to solve the village health problem no qualified doctors.Third, strengthening the standardization construction of rural medical and health institutions, and strive to the end of 2020 the total elimination of rural health care institutions and personnel "blank spots".Third, the full implementation of major infectious diseases, prevention and control of endemic comprehensive three crucial action.In AIDS, tuberculosis, hydatid disease, Kashin-Beck disease comprehensive prevention and control work.Recently, the National Health health committee will work with the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office, the National Health Insurance Bureau to convene a national conference to conduct a comprehensive poverty reduction efforts deployed; upcoming training sessions, guide place an accurate understanding grasp of basic medical connotation guaranteed standard, a clear mandate, a solid job in each work item.While continuing to carry out the "group of three" classification and treatment of disease prevention and control work, and continuously improve the effectiveness of pro-poor health.

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