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  On the train molestation of women by security men detained on the 10th July 28, Zhengzhou railway police disclosed molestation cases occurred in women on the train, eventually, others involved men Moumou indecency penalty of detention order on the 10th of Zhengzhou Railway Police.July 23 10 am, Zhengzhou Railway Station police control room received a phone K388 times marshals, request the surrender of a suspected illegal indecent women in Zhengzhou station, request to send police.After receiving the notice, immediately notify the control room duty police team carrying equipment to pick up the car before the police on duty as required in the K388 train arrived after the suspects were taken to the Zhengzhou Railway Station in the center of Zhengzhou Department investigators for questioning.After interrogation, the man on July 23 by a bus bound for Chengdu, Shenyang North K388 train, 21: 05 docked at the station Huludao, Yang Moumou noticed a female passenger on the seat opposite.According to Yang Moumou account, because Wang scantily clad, she wanted the contact with the body.24 am, Wang Yang Moumou has been found lying on the table to sleep, evil heart, take off shoes and socks, put his feet up on the seat between his legs trying obscene Wang.After about 20 minutes, Wang woke up and found Yangs behavior, patting his legs motioned him to withdraw and warned him once; After a child, Yang second warning will not listen to the feet out into the performed indecent acts on the seat Wang, Wang and his hand touched the thigh, select the alarm after Wang unbearable.At present, Yang Moumou indecency others were sentenced to penalties of Zhengzhou Railway Public Security police custody for 10 days.

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