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  "New oxygen" involving illegal drugs business sales have been "criminal record" off the shelf someones hospital "New oxygen" involving sales of illegal drugs business has been off the shelf platform last year banned contraband accounts 710 000; someones hospital had repeatedly been punished; new business several times due to unauthorized use of oxygen and likeness prosecuted ■ "New business involving oxygen APP the sale of illicit drugs, changing the United States diary can be false "to track thousands of US medical institutions to enter, live more than 2 million plastic diary, covering more than 300 cities in China.Shares of the Internet has the first US medical China said the new oxygen technology, the United States listed on May 2 this year, among the industry "unicorn" list.But Beijing News reporter survey found that there are businesses involved in the sale of illicit drugs, to write false "changed America Diary" and other contents of the new oxygen APP platform.After the report published yesterday, the new platform oxygen responded that the current institutions involved have been off the shelf, related to write false content has been banned, we will cooperate with the relevant regulatory authorities to deal with the problem.July 15, Beijing News published the "new oxygen APP businesses involved in the sale of illicit drugs," changed America Diary "can be false" investigative reporting.Yesterday, the Beijing New Technology Co., oxygen, responded that "although the agency was not available on the new oxygen illicit drugs SKU", but the platform has been on someones institutions were the shelves, and with the relevant regulatory authorities to deal with the problem.In addition, reports have mentioned the company provided false diary-writing services, new oxygen for the relevant account has been banned and diaries.Reporters learned from the Beijing Municipal Health supervision departments, the report allegedly sold illegal drugs Beijing Kai Run-ting medical cosmetology hospitals have repeatedly violated the relevant laws and regulations by health authorities punished.False diary to write an account has been banned in the US medical APP propaganda, the US medical institutions and medical practitioners have to be authenticated, according to the Beijing News previously reported, part of the US medical institutions located on the platform, there is no sale of illegal drugs such as botulinum toxin behavior, which Beijing Kai Run-ting medical Beauty hospital on suspicion of domestic private sale of illicit drugs in human fetal hormone.In addition, as an important ecological link the US medical community, the customers "Beauty Diary", the evaluation also exists the phenomenon of false brush assessment, there is a business of fake "Beautiful Diary" marked price 2000 yuan a set, before and after comparison chart surgery a few hundred dollars set to form a network of one-stop service capacity black.Reported for the content, oxygen Beijing New Technology Co. responded that, before the media reports, the US medical encyclopedia new information platform of oxygen has been on the "pink poison" "poison green" and other products to make a clear prompt, indicate the drug has not yet been certification relevant state departments, but for this type of product, a clear reference to the domestic market, there are only two legitimate brands, namely the balance of domestic and imported Lanzhou force Botox.Drug information included in the full library on the new platform oxygen to prompt consumers to pay attention to drug compliance.Regional platform shelves "pink poison" "poison green" and other related health services medical institutions United States are imported from Korea, namely the above products may be legally applied to play.Kai Run on reports mention Beijing Medical Beauty Hospital ting online sale of illegal drugs at a private matter, a new oxygen side said, "although the agency was not available on the new oxygen illicit drugs SKU, and when the reporter consulted on the platform, the agency customer service also said no related items, but for this, new institutions arising from either oxygen or a shelf, and subsequent treatment with the regulatory authorities of someones body."There are reports mentioned for black production company provided false diary-writing services, new oxygen internal investigation team has the relevant accounts and diaries were banned.Adding that the new platform for user-generated content oxygen triple audit mechanisms, including AI automatic keyword / Pictures audit manual review of suspicious content tagging, alert the user.In the triple audit policy, nearly one-third of the daily diary can not be reviewed by platform.In 2020, a new oxygen ban on the platform cheating accounts 710,000 contraband, contraband delete cheating main posts 150,000, delete comment cheating contraband 2.32 million.Also he said that for the US medical journal about on-line oxygen new face recognition technology to further enhance the ability to audit platform.Someones business two years to be punished four times Yesterday, reporter learned from the Beijing health supervision department, mentioned in the report Kai Run-ting Beijing Medical Beauty Hospital has repeatedly violated the relevant laws and regulations by health authorities punished.Reporters from the Beijing health supervision department of internal business systems, Beijing Medical Beauty Hospital Ting Kai Run is registered in a book profit of surgery hospital, the legal representative of Weiguang Yan, headed by Bouvet, register their forms of service for the hospital services and outpatient services, licensing program / project including medical cosmetology department clinics, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dermatology, etc..However, the hospital has been repeatedly punished.From February 2016 to June 2020, it was recorded four penalties Information.August 2016, Beijing Medical Beauty Hospital Kai Run-ting Since the appointment of non-medical personnel engaged in medical and health technology work, in violation of the "medical institution regulations" Article 28, by the time the Beijing Chaoyang District Health and Family Planning Commission made the punishment a fine of 3000.Two months later, the hospital again because without practice certificate to allow nurses to engage in the provision of medical care activities technical specifications in this body, not allowed to apply for nurse practitioner location change procedures in accordance with the provisions of regulations in medical technology specification in this body punishment care activities, was made warning Chaoyang District health and Family Planning Commission and ordered deadline to correct.Last June, the hospital because of medical activities beyond the scope of the registration of medical subjects, be warned, Chaoyang District Health and Family Planning Commission, a fine of 3000 yuan and ordered to stop activities.■ Background oxygen and new businesses several times due to 侵犯肖像权 indicted by the Court Verdict Reporter network found that from 2016 to date, the new platform and its oxygen settled in business due to unauthorized use of likeness repeatedly prosecuted.Online verdict ruling documents related to the Beijing New Technology Co., Ltd. of oxygen have 43, most of the right to dispute the right of portrait, reputation, personality and other rights, including the right to dispute portrait Lin Chi-ling, Lu Lu, Lu Han and other stars of the performing arts.Reporters noted that in mid-2017, a new oxygen Ningxia platform businesses unauthorized use plastic photo, released as their own propaganda in the new plastic case oxygen, is determined infringement court.Referee instruments Net December 14, 2017 issued a document shows that in 2017, Ms. Wang Ningxia were amidst resurfacing cosmetic plastic surgery organizations in Tian Yongcheng, volunteered before and after photos of cosmetic beauty institutions for promoting the use of Tian Yongcheng.April 2017, Ms. Wang found that defendants Cui Dafu clinic without the consent of the unauthorized use of the above photograph in Ms. Wangs new oxygen online publicity for their products profit.Cui Dafu clinic said the propaganda page is trust others to production, maintenance, involved in the case did not know the source of the photo after photo to Cui Dafu clinic learned that the producer is its search pages taken from the Internet, the source could not specify.The new oxygen company called himself a network information service provider, not the photo is an infringement of third party rights be judged based on existing technology.Involved in the site text pictures are uploaded using the defendant Cui Dafu clinic, new oxygen company received a court summons has already been processed Links.Cui Dafu clinics Court published apology in the new home oxygen network, the apology to Ms. Wang, was published during the ten days, and compensation for economic losses of 3000 yuan Wang.A new oxygen quarter earnings on revenue 2.0.6 billion yuan Beijing New Technology Co., Ltd. was established in oxygen in 2013, said his mother was the founder of Venus cosmetic practitioners, during their own business also received a number of plastic surgery, the creation of new oxygen is to see the US medical industry information asymmetry industry pain points "only make change America safer, simpler, lower cost, in order to solve this problem," Venus said in a speech Tencent video activities in 2020.Prospectus shows that the new oxygen revenues in 2016, 2017, 2020 were 49.09 million yuan, 2.59.3 billion yuan, 6.17.2 billion yuan; new oxygen profit in 2017, 2020 net profit of 55.08 million yuan.By 2020, the total turnover of the new platform oxygen up to 21 billion yuan, is the nations largest medical beauty online platform.Local time on May 2, the new oxygen technology in the US Nasdaq market, with 13 per share.1300 issued $$ 800 million American depositary shares, to raise funds 1.$$ 7.9 billion, becoming the first Internet platform for the United States Medical shares.May 31, 2020, the new oxygen revealed a quarterly earnings report, as of March 31 2020, new oxygen operating income 2.0.6 billion yuan, an increase of 81 over last year.8%; net profit of 45.9 million yuan, an increase 49.9%.In addition, according to media analysis of public data of the new oxygen, said oxygen around seventy percent of new revenue for advertisers, about three percent commission income for the electricity business transactions.Beijing News reporter Liu Jingyu, Chen Yi Kai Xuan Dai

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