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  Nanning, Guangxi carry out the "flames" action arrested 687 marketing agents July 20 morning, Nanning Expand "Flames III" action against pyramid schemes tackling campaign, dispatched law enforcement officers and street workers of public security, market supervision and other departments a total of more than 1,600 people, and intensive combat and inventory of more than 300 marketing dens remediation, marketing agents arrested a total of 687 people, seizure of property under the name of the suspect over a hundred sets.Pictured captured the marketing agents.Wangyong She 4:00 the same day, four dozen media professionals to conduct ad hoc MLM hit the net, the level of executives and key personnel the implementation of centralized arrest.Four gangs are based on "pure capital operation", "chain sales" in the name of the pull-type head aggregated pyramid schemes, people from Guizhou, Chongqing, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan and Jiangxi provinces.The picture shows the scene of action against pyramid schemes.Wangyong She beat Chuan staff also carry out the citys centralized inventory remediation, focusing on the end result off the assembly line personnel to carry inventory, key personnel raids slip through pyramid schemes, pyramid schemes involving various types of rental remediation, seizure, penalties and rentals Owner.As of 11 noon on the same day, "Flames III" action marketing agents arrested a total of 687 people, including MLM veterans class skeleton staff of 129 people, freeze funds involved more than 2,500 million.Site seal affixed seized 168 suspects rented, seized 109 sets of real estate under the name of the suspect, seizure of vehicles involved 53 seizure of vehicles involved under the name of 76; seized computers, bank cards, books and other items involved in a number of pyramid schemes.Nanning, the official said it would remain a crime punished MLM situation, multi-frequency carry out the "flames" series of action against pyramid schemes and resolutely crack down on illegal and criminal activities.

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