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  Auxiliary Hebei duty when a vehicle is hit by unlicensed killed only 40 years old Laiyuan County, Hebei Public Security Bureau official microblogging 12 evening issued a document revealed that at 13:45 on the 12th, the county public security bureau traffic police brigade at the time of an Auxiliary and colleagues on duty, was not a U-turn to escape license suspension SUV knocked down by the Auxiliary hospital died, unfortunately killed.When the official micro-Bo said, 2020 at 13:45 on January 12, Laiyuan County Public Security Bureau police brigade, a squadron Auxiliary Sun Wentao City and colleagues conducted the "Spring Festival" Traffic safety checks at 112 State Road Fengcun road, not a license suspension SUV car traveling from south to north through the checkpoint 50 meters from the sudden U-turn, fled in the opposite direction, the distal end of the checkpoint is knocked to the ground on duty Sun Wentao.Sun Wentao was sent to the county hospital is invalid, unfortunate death, only 40 years old.After the incident, Laiyuan County Public Security Bureau quickly organize and track down the suspect vehicle hit and run, and promised the same day at 1420 hours, in a village near Laiyuan rural roads caused the accident suspects and the vehicle was seized.Currently, the case is under further investigation.

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