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  China and Russia remain the leaders of the student relive reply: willing to contribute to China Dream December 30, 2017, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary ,, Chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Moscow State University Chinese students to reply, and encouraged them to aim high, study hard, early talent, and to extend festive greetings to all overseas scholars.Two years later, Chinese students left Russia January 6, held once again at the Chinese Embassy in Russia forum, reread the letter and talk about feelings.More than 40 students from the Moscow representatives of more than 10 colleges and universities attended the symposium.Chinese Embassy in Russia Education Minister Counselor Cao Shihai said that in 2057, Chairman Mao Zedong published in the Moscow University "hope is placed on you," the famous speech inspired generations of young people leaving Russia to contribute to nation-building.Chairman of the 2017 Annual reply very precious, will forever inspire all students leave Russia yearned for the motherland.This letter is not only the pride of Russian students leave, but also the pride of all overseas students.2020 session of the Chinese Students Studying in Russia Federation chairman Dr Chan expressed know, every word reply such as gold, so that students who feel the warmth from the motherland, while we strengthened their faith.Russian students should stay role models to learn, work hard, waiting for us in a new era of.Visiting scholar at Moscow University, director of the Russian State Research Center of Southwestern University, Southwestern University School of Foreign Languages Department of Russian Xie Zhou said he repeatedly read this letter, I feel passionate reply, reflecting the state leaders care for overseas scholars, He ignited a large number of teachers and students of Russian patriotism stay including himself.Students leaving Russia is a country with a glorious tradition of the community, I believe that a new generation of students will leave the Russian tradition of the older generation of Su Xuesheng stay for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nations dream to contribute to China.Studying at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, said Tony glory, personally I felt the heat of the Sino-Russian friendship came to Russia to study, so that we establish confidence in learning the language and good professional.As the students left Russia, according to the requirements of reply, the courage to act, to enhance their ability to contribute to the exchanges between China and Russia.On behalf of CNPC International, China Railway Construction and other Chinese-funded enterprises in Russia institutions attended the forum and make a report.

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